All European children shall have a useful educational typeface at hand which enables them to read and write in their own and all other European languages.

  • Children and grown-ups from linguistic minorities or with migration backgrounds will be able to develop their reading and writing skills by using a cost-free, typographically correct, easily legible and readable educational typeface that is designed for all written languages of the European Union. This new educational typeface will be an important asset to accessibility.
  • Teachers will be able to create individual and personal teaching material with this educational typeface.
  • This cost-free educational typeface will enable software and editing companies to develop and produce profitable products for small groups, which at the moment is beyond reach.
  • Europe’s multicultural potential will benefit from a well-designed educational typeface for children who at present cannot write in their mother tongue.
  • European identity  will be strengthened by an educational typeface that can be used in all countries of the European Union.